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Designed by the world's tops hackers and cyber investigators from diverse military and front-line practitioner backgrounds, CYREBRO empowers organizations to take back control of their security operations and establish a truly honed and optimized security practice.

CYREBRO provides not only an early warning and effective control room, which enables organizations to better utilize security devices and application in order to enable clear and effective management of: network and security events, intrusion events, cyber-attacks and more, but also an incident management center to guide and support the organization in real time.

CyberHat has been providing customers with an opportunity to harness the full power and potential of the SOC through our next-gen “smart SOC” called CYREBRO. We offer the industry’s first professional SOC-as-a-Service to customers across all major verticals and industries who need comprehensive detection, response, and threat intelligence capabilities.

Supported by a state-level 24/7 response team,

there is no other offering available in the market

with this level of service and expertise.


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