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Setup Team 

CYREBRO setup team executes the customer’s onboarding phase until the SIEM is fully monitored and optimized based on the business needs.

This phase includes the following:

  • Mapping all the network security devices, SIEM rules and organization work flows.

  • Customizing the security systems to provide efficiency of the incidents reported.

  • Guide Tier 1-2 monitoring team to operate those systems and handling alerts.

Tier 1-2

CYREBRO Tier 1-2 analysts stand at the heart of its operation, monitoring 24/7 the organization’s network traffic, devices, systems and applications for cyber-security events. They manage cyber incident events and actively react in near-real time, while also prioritizing the workflow of each incident to the appropriate team according to severity and escalation.
Along with the nonstop analysis, the team generates weekly status-reports, datasheets and graphs pertaining to the costumer’s network security status.

Tier 3-4

CYREBRO Tier 3-4 team is built from Israel’s elite cyber experts. With their unique attacker’s point of view, they are the team to manage an escalating cyber event!

This is where in-depth analysis recovery such as malware analysis, forensics reverse engineering and other actions with high technologies skills are taking place. In addition to their deep analysis recovery, these experts define CYREBRO work methodology, strategy and the procedures of incidents handling.

Incident Response Team

CYREBRO’s Incident Response Team (IR), led by the CYREBRO experts, is trusted with the mission of providing an immediate, effective, and skillful response to any critical cyber incident with wide security implications. The IR team is a professional team, which consists of tier 3-4 analysts and IR analysts. The team plans, coordinates and executes any step requiring expert technological competence.


CYREBRO’s intelligence team’s responsibility is to constantly search, aggregate, analyze and report. By doing so we add an advanced expertise & awareness layer to CYREBRO tier 1-4 analysts & incident response teams regarding new cyber threats, malicious traffic sources and malwares that might affect CYREBRO customers.


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